City of Plantation Fire Station #1 Receives $1.5 Million

By Beverly Perkins

Things are heating up at the City of Plantation Fire Station #1. For six decades, the station has been serving the community in a facility not exactly suitable for such a hard-working organization.

Fire Station #1 was established in 1957 to accommodate two small fire units and a few part-time volunteers. Three years later it was expanded, however, it was not built to accommodate the current full-time staff that works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Recently, State Senator Lauren Book and Representative Evan Jenne presented a $1.5 million check to the City of Plantation Fire Station #1 during the 2017 Appropriation during the City of Plantation’s council meeting in August.
 “Fire Station #1 has been dedicated to serving the residents of Plantation for 60 years,” said Book. “I am honored to have the opportunity to present this check to such a deserving organization.”

The City hopes to use the appropriation funds to construct a new fire station, so the staff can operate more effectively. These funds from the State of Florida’s appropriations budget are targeted to help offset the cost of rebuilding the station.

“It is so important that we support Plantation’s public safety efforts,” said Senator Book.  “Plantation’s original fire station was built in 1957 and has since undergone several renovations in an attempt to keep up with the demands of this growing City. It’s time to replace it.”

“We’ve modified the floor plan several times, and until now have done our best to keep pace with the City’s needs,” explained Fire Chief Laney Stearns. “However, with the new demands on fire station safety, health requirements, and changes in our structure, we can no longer just modify it.”

“Senator Book and Representative Jenne worked tirelessly to secure $1.5 million in appropriation funds for the City’s Fire Station #1 construction project,” said Mayor Diane Bendekovic. “This is the first time State appropriations funding was granted to the City of Plantation, and without the Senator and Representative’s determined involvement, the City of Plantation would not have received it.”  

The new, two-story station, which will be located on the same site at 5601 W. Broward Boulevard, will meet all necessary requirements for ADA, OSHA, and, NFPA. The $5.8 million project was approved as part of the 2016 Public Safety Bond referendum.

“We are sincerely proud of the dedicated members of the Plantation Volunteer Fire Association,” Bendekovic added. “Their excellence and outstanding service to the community has secured an insurance rating of two – one of the highest rated volunteer fire departments in the country.”