Creating a Model Canine Citizen – Dog Smarts 101 Class

By Beverly Perkins

Although adorable, loyal, and loving, sometimes our furry four-legged friends need a little training. Dawn Hanna, Owner of Oh Behave ® Dog Training, is offering free seminars at the West Regional Library. The class addresses basic obedience, behavior issues, house manners, and puppy training.

Dog owners who take “Dog Smarts 101” will be offered plenty of helpful advice on solving their worst doggie nightmares from chewing and pulling to bad potty etiquette. Topics covered will be those such as: furniture and shoe chewing, excessive barking, leash pulling, and accidents in the home. The purpose is to not get mad, but to get smart. The dog training programs are force free, fear free, and pain free.

For over 15 years, Hanna has been training and coaching dog owners. The Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) continually attends educational opportunities to stay current on the latest positive reinforcement training methods and scientific studies. She is also a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) which promotes the concept of “No Pain, No Force, No Fear”.

For those that are unable to attend her free seminar at the library, Hanna provides group classes for dogs at Plantation Heritage Park for a nominal fee. The setting allows for teaching basic dog training skills such as sit, down, come, stay, and loose leash walking.

The six-session course will also address problem behaviors. The enjoyable reward based program not just educates and creates model canine citizens, but creates a bonding experience as well. Private dog training is offered to owners who have behavior issues that are not compatible with a class setting.

When not teaching two-legged and four-legged friends alike, Hanna enjoys volunteering at shelters, pet friendly events, low cost vaccination clinics, and providing free dog behavior resources through her DogSmarts 101 program.
“I always tell people to start training as close to day one when a puppy or adult dog is adopted.  Many ‘bad’ and dangerous behaviors are preventable if you work with qualified dog trainers,” says Hanna. “Dogs offer ‘bad’ behaviors because they pay off for the dog.  If you want your dog to stop offering bad behaviors, you must limit the dog’s freedom so that bad behaviors no longer pay off.  Teach good behaviors and reward your dog heavily for offering good behaviors.”

Class is held from 6 to 7 p.m. on October 10th and November 14th at the West Regional Library, 8601 W. Broward Blvd, Plantation​​​​​​​​ *Please do not bring any pets to the class. ​For more information, please call Oh Behave ® Dog Training at 954-587-2711, or visit