#Generosity – Plantation Resident’s Kindness is a Category 10

By Beverly Perkins

Hurricane Irma ripped through South Florida in early September leaving devastation and destruction in her wake. Although power was lost, landscapes destroyed, and homes were damaged, South Floridians were still fortunate to not have faced what could have been another disaster by Mother Nature.

During the aftermath of cleaning up and rebuilding, communities came together to help each other. Despite all the havoc caused, Irma brought inspiration and kindness. She taught the world to give again. Neighbors began helping neighbors just as they once did decades ago in a less complex time.

One local resident, Chad Everett, owner of Galaxy Productions, was one individual who was inspired when he saw a friend’s post on Facebook. This “Hurricane Hero” in Palm Beach took 70+ foster kids and their chaperones from the SOS Children’s Village Florida into his $30 million mansion because they had to evacuate their shelter which lost power. His post stated that he needed help.
Without hesitation, Everett instantly wanted to assist. Being in the event business for over 25 years, he went straight to his colleagues to see who else could lend a hand. Within minutes, the positive responses were overwhelming. He secured Sweet Cravings dessert truck to visit the children and distribute delicious ice cream treats. People came and gave strangers their love and support out of the kindness of their hearts, and just like that within 72 hours, the family served over 800 meals, entertained the appreciative children, and arranged for medical care.

Always having a larger than life imagination, the response he witnessed sparked Everett to want to create something tangible for a huge audience. The love and passion he saw, he wanted to duplicate and make contagious, so he decided to take his actions to social media. The result, a Facebook page titled #Generosity.

“We can all use positivity in our lives! Normally people don’t boast about the generous things they do, but I believe that seeing and hearing about the generous and helpful things random people are doing for others helps motivate people to be generous themselves,” stated Everett. “I believe that positivity can compete with all of the negativity that is normally used on Facebook and in the media and create a happier more positive outlook on life and people in general.”

The page encourages members to share things such as fundraisers, charities, non-profit events, donations made, a helping hand, or something positive they have witnessed or done. The public group allows everyone to add friends, spread good vibes, and the message of generosity.

For more information and to be involved, please visit www.facebook.com/#generosity.

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  1. Randomly I take of person in drive thru lines and drive away. Never know what kind of day one is having, however one simple simple act can cheer them up!

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