South Plantation Student Has the “Write” Stuff and Wins Fellowship

As the 2016-2017 academic year closed, Valerie Griffin McCarty presented South Plantation rising senior Anna Winslow with the Culpepper Journalism Foundation (CJF) fellowship for 2017. This honor is a stipend to attend the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications (CJC) Summer Media Institute where Winslow went this past June.

Twenty years ago, The Culpepper Journalism Foundation (CJF) was established to honor Dr. Alyce Culpepper after she retired from Broward County Public Schools. The purpose of the foundation is to promote excellence in scholastic journalism just as the exemplary educator did in her classroom, while providing educational and financial assistance to high school underclassmen to they can attend summer journalism programs at universities.

So far the CJF has awarded 80 “fellows” more than $40,000 to help cover the summer tuition at different universities throughout the United States. Upon their return to their respective schools, the fellowship winners must be mentors to their classmates. 

“After attending the UF program, I hope to have a better understanding of journalistic writing to help my fellow staff members improve the quality of their writing as some have trouble grasping the style of writing found in journalism,” said Winslow. “Although design, photography and organization are important in any publication, I feel writing is truly the foundation for communication.”

For two years Winslow has been on The Sword and Shield newspaper staff, and currently is the Features Editor. Adviser Stephanie Polin said Winslow has “exhibited polished writing and solid reporting with a professionalism far beyond her years.” During the 2017-2018 school year, Winslow will hold the title of Editor-in-Chief just like her mentor Valerie Griffin McCarty was in 1985.

When asked about her most challenging story this year, Winslow responded that it was definitely about Donald Trump’s first few weeks in office. “Regardless of my personal political views, I knew that as a journalist, it was my job to approach the article objectively,” stated Winslow. “Through writing this article, I learned how difficult is to write about political topics and how important it is to explain both aides of the story.”

In addition to her journalism duties, Winslow is the current district champ of girls’ tennis, is a classically trained pianist and has been honored as a member of the Environmental Science and Everglades magnet program for several years.

More information can be found at as well as the Culpepper Journalism Foundation Facebook page.